Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A New Rhythm

Sorry for the unexpected delay in posts, life has been hectic lately! I am officially done working (for now), and today is the first official day that I am unemployed. It is a strange feeling. I went to the grocery store this morning and did the shopping for the next few days meals, did some cleaning up at home, and plan on doing more of that in a little while. Saturday was my birthday, which was filled with family and love, just the way I like it! I got to go down to the market and to the library and in general had a lovely relaxing day at home.

My biggest challenge over this next period of being home is going to be learning to slow down. When I went out today, I found myself trying to rush, looking at the clock, and not enjoying my errands. I then consciously went and got into one of the longer lineups at the cashiers in order to remind myself that I was not in a hurry and I could just let time go by without thinking about it. It was nice. Today, I am cooking slowly- maple baked beans that will take a good 4 hours in the oven. I am going to relish in the slowness of the meal, and while it is cooking I am going to do some reading, take some time for knitting, and do as much cleaning as I want. There is always tomorrow.

Maple baked beans, from the last time I made them.

The weather here is really starting to feel like winter. I needed gloves, a scarf, and a hat yesterday on campus, as the wind was very chilly. The trees on our road are vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds and when I drive down I can see them dancing behind me as they are stirred up off the ground. Today is grey and cloudy, and they actually were calling for snow overnight! I don't think it happened, but it is coming soon. I could smell the wood fires that were heating houses on the street this morning; oh how I miss a wood fire! I am going to make sure our first purchased home has a wood stove, I just love them. 

How have your days been lately?


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  1. Happy birthday for last weekend! It sounds like you had a wonderful day.
    Enjoy the new speed of your life. It certainly does take a bit of getting used to though. : )