Monday, February 21, 2011

Freezer Mania

I have a confession to make. We have an addiction of sorts, and it's time to come clean. We are two people, living in a house with one roommate, and there are 4 freezers in that house. 3 of them belong to D and I. That's right. Two people, three freezers. And two of those freezers are chest freezers. And they are all full.

It seems excessive, no? But I wouldn't change anything about it. What do two people with no children and two cats (who use none of the freezer space, except to sit on the tops), need three freezers for? Well, it may be my addiction talking, but they are very useful! They save us money throughout the winter by preserving fresh summer produce, making it easy for us to create quick meals during the week from scratch!

Each of our respective freezers has a separate job. The fridge freezer holds all of our currently in use products, or items that we regularly need access to. What are they you ask? Well, we currently have frozen yogurt, vegetable stock, open bags of frozen fruit, an opened bag of bread, bread crumbs, and many other things that are currently being used. Here is a photo of it. It is messy and looks terrible, but I wasn't about to stage my freezer for this post. This is how it looks every day, and I am fine with you seeing it this way :):

The second freezer, that lives in the pantry area of our kitchen, is mostly for items that are too big to fit into the fridge freezer, but are needed on a fairly regular basis. This includes our homemade pierogies, organic corn and peas (for quick vegetables with dinner), various soups, and other homemade quick dinners.  

The blue container is leftover Christmas baking

We have only had the third up and running since last summer, but it has been a very welcome addition to our freezer family. It was a free hand-me-down from my parents, and it lives in our garage. It keeps all of our frozen fruit and vegetables that are currently not in use. We also have all of our freezer jams, bagels, and baking needs stored in there. For fruits, we have blueberries, strawberries, plums, peaches, raspberries, and cherries, all organic and fresh from last summer. For vegetables we have cubed and pureed pumpkin, kabocha squash, beans, and broccoli. We also have pesto from the garden, and tomato sauce. In October of last year, one of our local bulk natural food stores went out of business, so we stocked up on organic nuts, chocolate chips, and hot cereal. All of these are kept in mason jars in that freezer to keep them fresh. 

Garage Freezer. Jams on the left. 

We do at least one "freezer meal" per week, and I use the frozen fruits in smoothies at least twice per week, probably more. The fruit is great for baking as well. Buying frozen organic fruit is very expensive during the winter, and it is never as good as the stuff you freeze yourself. Opening up a bag of frozen strawberries and smelling them takes me back to summer time, when I was saying that I never wanted to see another strawberry again. But oh am I glad that I put all of that work into it. Looking outside to the cold, grey sky and being able to smell summer in the kitchen is one of the greatest luxuries I know. 



  1. What? No frozen curry? :) We have three freezers also. Mostly full of beef from my grandparents ranch but also with the spoils of last year's garden. And riddle me this? How on EARTH do have leftover Christmas baking. Mine was gone long before Christmas even happened!!!

    Stephanie :)

  2. Haha, no frozen curries...we eat them right away because they are so good! LOL. And as far as the Christmas baking goes....not too sure what happened there. Apparently it's a sign that I bake too much! Better too much than too little though, right?