Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today I am going to write about a bit of a social faux pas that I partake in. Regifting. The art of taking gifts you have received and giving them to others as gifts. Now, I love a good regift. Because of that view, I fall into a category of people that are considered cheap or unsentimental. Do I like being in that group? No! But I also don't really care what people think. I personally think that regifting is a great way to use gifts that I receive that I would normally not use. It reduces the amount of waste in the world, and it promotes using products or items that have already been manufactured and put a carbon imprint on the earth. I hate to see something that I have been given just sit on a shelf and never get touched. This particular item might be coveted by someone else, and used for many years to come. What is the harm in giving it away?

I think the main concern with regifting is that people see it as a cheap way to give a gift, and the possible embarrassment of the person who gave it to you originally may find out that you didn't like it. People think that if you regift something, you must keep it a secret until the end of time, and that the memory of doing something so horrific and indecent will haunt you for the rest of your life. If someone finds out you are a Regifter (shudder), you will be forever shunned socially. Come on. Personally, I am perfectly happy with someone regifting something that I gave them. If they aren't going to use it, let someone else! And it isn't necessarily an insult to the original gift giver. Maybe you already have something similar to the item, and you don't require a second. And if you really don't like the item, or it just doesn't fit in with your lifestyle, then please, give it to someone who will appreciate it! And as far as people thinking you are cheap, who cares! I like saving money, who doesn't? You aren't considered cheap for donating this item, or selling it in a garage sale. So why not gift it?


I receive a lot of gifts that I don't use. It's mostly because I don't use any synthetic or chemically laden products, and avoid fragrances as often as possible. A lot of the times I already own the item or something similar, or I just don't have a use for it in my life.  Most people who know me know not to buy chemically laden things for me, but there is always a Secret Santa or work related prize that I am receiving that hasn't been tailored to me, and I end up with this stuff. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the thought, I just don't want it. But I also know a lot of people who love bubble bath, or perfume, or lotion. I also receive a free gift every time I purchase something from Rocky Mountain Soap, which is usually a monthly order. How many lip butters and bath salts can a person use? And this way, the people receiving these particular gifts are exposed to an all natural company that has an amazing line of products.  Yes, some of the stuff that I regift may have toxic ingredients, or be environmentally unfriendly, but the way I look at it is that the people I give these to are more than likely going to go out and purchase a similar product on their own. Why not relieve myself of this product I will NEVER use, and save a new one being purchased? I would never give one of these products to someone who avoids them like I do, nor would I ever purchase them for anyone. Plus, some of the items I have regifted have been super cool, but I just didn't have a place for them in my life. Why be selfish and hold onto it for an occasion that will never come? It's good karma to give those ones away!

Ok, so I have outed myself. Anyone brave enough to join into my socially awkward circle? What are your thoughts on regifting? If you think I am cheap and unsentimental, I am fine with that. I was prepared for social suicide with this post. The cheese may (or may not) stand alone.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

xo Brenna

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