Thursday, April 21, 2011

In the Midst of Chaos

I will probably be away from this space for the next couple weeks, as we are right in the middle of packing. My kitchen is full of boxes, and I haven't done any baking in quite a while (by my standards). Yes, I am going slightly stir crazy, but also don't really have the time to be missing it too much. I will have a brand new space to begin flexing my culinary muscles again, something I am looking forward to! So bear with me, I will be back! Until then, I hope you have a great couple weeks, and I will still make time to come read your posts, as time allows.



  1. Hi there ...saw your comment on MM (Sharons blog)re moving and cats ...If you can get FELOWAY spray and plug ins they are brilliant. Plug one in, in the new place for a week . The spray can be used in what ever vehicle they are transported in ...and around the house before you move.....its sort of feline valium lol.... worked wonders with mine.

  2. Good luck! I'm moving too, in about a month's time, and not looking forward to the wilderness of boxes. Keep smiling!