Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gray Weather

It has been awful weather here lately, so this post will be photo free because the grey and rainy weather just makes for terrible pictures! We seem to be missing out on summer here for some reason. Typically this time of year is met with temperatures in the mid thirties and endless sunshine. So far this year we have had one day above thirty and countless days of rain and thunderstorms. I am not a big fan of the heat, but I do enjoy the sunshine so I am missing it along with everyone else! This terrible weather has also had a huge effect on the farmers market. Strawberries were almost non existent (I was one of six people to get a flat from a local farm that usually sells easily 50 flats per year), and there has been no sign of the usual carrots, beets, or anything really besides lettuce and other greens.

I have been keeping busy inside though with school work. My class is ending in the next couple weeks so I have been cranking out papers and reading like crazy. It is kind of nice not longing to be outside while having to do school work, so there are some benefits to the grayness! As I sit here typing I can hear the rain pattering on the grass and there are low rumbles of thunder every few minutes. There is a cat snuggled up on a blanket next to me and a freshly emptied cup of tea in front of me. It almost feels like fall! Bizarre. Fall is my favourite time of the year, but it just feels wrong to be experiencing it in July!

We celebrated D's birthday earlier in the week with lunch out at an Indian restaurant, homemade dessert, and a night with his family. It was simple and wonderful. Otherwise things have been fairly routine around here. The tomatoes absolutely hate this weather, so they are at a bit of a standstill. All of them have teeny tiny tomatoes on them, and two of them have some the size of golf balls. I'm not sure if they will actually be given a chance to ripen from the lack of sunshine, but only time will tell. I will post photos of them as soon as it is a bit less drizzly out, but that isn't supposed to happen for another week or so.  

What have you been doing lately? How is your summer compared to ours?


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  1. I think our summer weather here is pretty good, but all the Portlanders around me say it's kind of cold and gray. I think I've had such an ongoing summer since last October that I'm a little blinded to it not being up to par for Portland. Nonetheless, we've had a great raspberry season and everything we planted in our very late garden is growing great. We also celebrated Matt's birthday this week, with homemade fish tacos and chocolate cake, and our anniversary a few days later. Since then I've been fighting a cold, so things feel a little gray I suppose :)