Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Weekend's Bounty

Oh my, I am sorry for my sudden disappearance. It has been a crazy past couple of weeks involving both D and I going away on separate trips, my class coming to an end (meaning multiple papers due within a few days of each other), and lots of working. But now I have a few days off for B.C. Day, so I can share my life a bit more with you!

Today was the first market I have been to in two weeks, and boy am I glad I went! I was met with beets, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, and....

Raspberries! I bought a flat of the fat, juicy berries and have already been sampling! Raspberries are another berry with a short season where we simply fill our faces with them until there are no more to be found. I made jam last year and still have a ton of it, so these will be enjoyed fresh and baked into a few simple desserts.

I also made my way down to D's parents house, where they have their own personal grocery store in the backyard! I was given beans, lettuce, a green pepper, rhubarb, and the first of the apricots! Oh, we are going to be eating well this week! Here is a picture of some of the delicious produce:

Summer has been cool and rainy so far, but this past week has given me a bit of hope that we are finally in the midst of one of the greatest times of year!

How is your local produce doing? I will be back with an update on our tomato plants in the next few days!


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  1. looks great. So rewarding - it doesn't need to be buckets and buckets-ful either, does it. Even just the one and only first plum we got was enough to have me chuffed :)

    Enjoy :)