Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pictures from the Country

Here are some pictures from our holiday in the country:

The inside of our cabin

Me in our cabin's kitchen

Our cabin 

A delicious lunch- potato salad, quinoa salad, tomato salad, and peas

We had an amazing time, and the weather was perfect! Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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  1. I love the cabin! The interior of it reminds me of The Acorn, this really sweet cottage that we stayed in in New Zealand, on the farm of friends we met through my blog. Matt and I have future plans involving small cabins, so I love to see various designs and different ways of furnishing them! I'm so glad you had a great time.

  2. What a great place. It looks so cozy. Great for cups of tea, book reading and the occasional afternoon walk.
    I'm sure you feel totally recharged.

  3. It's great when you go away to realise how little you really 'need', isn't it.

    Glad you enjoyed your timeaway :)

  4. Your trip looks amazing! The cabin looks like a peaceful place to spend time away. Sam xox