Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Autumn Breeze

The air has become crisp here. When I wake up, the bed is extra warm and snuggly compared to the cool outside, and I can hear dry leaves rustling in the wind outside of the window. Fall has arrived, and I could not be happier. Leaves have just barely began to fall from their trees, dancing along the road as I drive to work. Today is cloudy and rainy, and I am cozied up on the couch with a hot cup of tea and a book.

Two days ago I went and picked apples from the lonely and forgotten tree that sits untouched in the backyard of our old home. I was the first to pick from it in many years last year, and discovered that these unknown variety of apples are wonderful for baking. Last year I picked a huge bag full of them, and this year I got a bag and a half. 30 pounds of organic apples, free! I cannot believe someone would pass up the gift of free produce as it sits in their backyard. I guess that means more for us :)

Yes, the apples are small and inconsistently coloured, but they are sweet and juicy with the perfect amount of sourness to compliment a pie or crumble. I will be baking up a storm with these in the coming days, and I will be sure to take you along with me as I go. 

At the market, gloved hands pass me cabbage, carrots, squash, and potatoes. My cravings have turned to stick to your ribs soups and breads to warm the belly and the soul. We are beginning to plan for the cold grasp of winter by preserving all we can and taking a stock of the freezers and pantry to make sure that we can easily make a nutritious meal from what we have on hand when it just is too darn cold to venture outside.  This, my friends, is the most glorious time of year. The harvest.

How are you enjoying your season change, be it Spring there or Autumn? What are your favourite recipes right now? Leave a comment and/or a link so that I can see into your world!



  1. Hi Brenna, The kids and I take apples off the roadside trees. Like yours, not great for eating but they are lovely cooked. I tried to share some last year but no-one wanted them. People are too fussy and wasteful!

  2. I, too, LOVE fall. October is definitely my favorite season (yes, I know it's a month, but October is its own season too!). There's so much coziness and excitement and nostalgia all tied up in it, and of course the apple pie! My dad taught me how to make apple pie when I was maybe 15, and it has long been my signature dish. I can't wait to see what yours is like!