Saturday, July 27, 2013

Trip to a Local Night Market

This week, on the recommendation of a friend, we drove about 30 minutes from Victoria to check out a summertime night market. Here are a few photos of our lovely evening away from home:

The town was located right along the coast, so after the market ended we wandered down to the pier. The sky was a blur of pink mist, softening the mountains and islands and making everything seem like a dream. The smell of the ocean mixed with the call of gulls and swishing of the water made one of the most beautiful evenings I have ever witnessed. 

This market is only a summertime thing, occurring every Thursday night. Next week, we are going to go for the entire afternoon in order to enjoy a nice meal and take advantage of the quaint little shops that are in the town. 

What have you done to enjoy the summer (or winter) season so far?

Have a lovely day,


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  1. This looks like a beautiful place. I am looking forward to seeng some more of your sights.