Monday, January 3, 2011


Just before Christmas, we made some Gibanica, a sweet walnut loaf that is tradition in D's family for Christmas morning. Since we decided to go to my parents' house this year, we thought we would bring some of this delicious bread to enjoy on one of the mornings we were there. We had made this bread once before with D's mom, who is the master of this recipe. The recipe takes pretty much the whole day, but it makes 4 big loaves, so it is worth the time.

This bread is amazing lightly toasted and spread with a thin layer of butter. It has a subtle hint of lemon zest and warm milk, and is oh so comforting. Here is a picture of the beautiful walnut swirl that is hidden until you slice into the bread:

I realize that all of my recent posts have been food, food, food, but that seems to be my activity of choice right now. And besides, who can get sick of looking at pictures of food? Hope you are all having a good start to your week!


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