Thursday, January 20, 2011

On My Mind...

Joining in with Rhonda Jean again this week for On My Mind.

This week I have budgeting and cutting back on my mind, as I am considering going back to university to pursue a degree. I am currently not content in my job, and am feeling the urge to feed my brain and indulge academically for a while. In order to be able to afford that, I will need to dip into my savings a bit and make up a stricter budget. Taking courses means reducing my amount of time spent working, but keeping my job in order to pay my fixed costs and food. I already adhere to a fair budget, but there is a lot of room for improvement. If you check out Rhonda's blog, she has some truly amazing posts on budgeting and living on less, and they are so helpful and encouraging. I like the idea of getting into the habit of cutting back and living on less, because our future holds children and I would like to be accustomed to living this way so that I can stay home with the kids. But for now, this is a strictly selfish decision, but it is something that I am so excited for. I have a few more months before the summer semester starts, so I will be saving as much as possible before then, and looking into ways of reducing my spending. I researched how to make my own yogurt at home today, something that I will be attempting next week and will post about. I will gladly bring you along with me during this new adventure and I would love to hear some money saving tips from you!

xo Brenna


  1. My momma always said you save money by watching the nickels and dimes and pennies. In other words, the small change. It has worked for me and I've been to school 3 different times. Rhonda is a master at guiding you through the process too. Good luck! Education pays off.

  2. Agreed, RJ's site offers plenty of food for thought on the subject. In January, I've taken on "eat from your own pantry" and "no eating out" challenges to help with my resolution to spend less, save more in 2011. blessings on your new adventure.