Saturday, June 11, 2011


Today marks the very first day that D and I are attempting to keep something alive, besides ourselves and the cats :). Today, we planted tomatoes! We have four very healthy certified organic kootenay tomato plants,picked up this morning at the farmer's market , which should hopefully be providing us with an amazing bounty later on this summer. We also have four no so healthy, scraggly plants that were given to us by a family friend last week. I don't have much faith in the little guys surviving, but I planted them anyways, just to see.

The last photo is three of the runts. I planted them together simply because I ran out of pots, and just want to see if they even last long enough to warrant buying pots for them. Hopefully we don't have black thumbs! Any tips on organic gardening would be greatly appreciated!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,



  1. Good luck with the tomatoes! I just found your blog and I love the quote at the top, its exactly what I've been thinking :) I look forward to reading more.