Monday, June 6, 2011

A Kitchen!

As of May 31, we have had a fully functioning kitchen, including hot water AND countertops! It really is amazing what we take for granted and how much I have realized how lucky we really are to have all of these things. Between school, exams, papers, work, and a weekend away for a bridal shower, I have had no time for this space, and I apologize for being so vacant lately. Here are some pictures of the gorgeous new space of ours, and a little gift from my grandmother, dropped off last night.

tons of counter space, perfect for bread baking.

so much storage!

some great little glass jars! I love the center one, I think it will be great for a spice!

My class ends on Monday, so I will probably be gone until then, studying and finishing up my final paper. I have absolutely loved this class, and I will be sad to see it end! Luckily, I start a second one at the beginning of July, which should be just as enjoyable. Hope to see you soon!


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