Friday, December 3, 2010

The Lowdown on Trees

Well, winter has arrived, and I could not be more excited! We are in full blown Christmas mode here, and I am loving every moment!

 Last Sunday we went trekking out to our local tree farm and traipsed through the snow to find the perfect tree for our living room. It was wonderful being in the fresh air and so much more fun picking out a slightly imperfect and unique tree as opposed to the generic clones you see tied up in front of grocery stores. Getting a tree at your local tree farm is the greenest way to go, as it has the smallest carbon footprint due to the fact that it is not imported from another city and/or country. Most grocery stores import their trees, and although I did notice last year that a lot of them had advertised that they carried Canadian trees exclusively, I can still pretty much guarantee they did not get them from a local farm.

The other option for your decorating needs is to go fake. But not so fast my friends. Despite the fact that they are advertised as being the "green" way to go (no pun intended), artificial trees are made up of some scary things, such as PCV, which is a potential source of hazardous lead, and most are imported from China. Not exactly eco-friendly. Although they do last a lifetime, so does their environmental impact. Plus, who can beat hand picking your very own tree and cutting it down with your own two hands (no chainsaw needed)?

                                 Sorry, I forgot to get a picture before we started decorating!

Trees that are freshly cut also have the added benefit of smelling heavenly as well as lasting much longer than their imported counterparts. Plus we also had several varieties to chose from, from Douglas Fir to Blue Spruce. No such variety at the grocery store. I also love the fact that we are able to support a local family business. We paid them in their living room after we had taken our pick from what is basically their back yard. Could you get any more personal than that? Now if only I could finish up the MANY knitted gifts that are looming over my head! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


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