Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Soul Food

Tonight we attended a local jazz concert hosted by some amazing Canadian musicians, and I feel as though my soul has been nourished. It was so wonderful being able to let the music sink into me and take me off to a place far away with no worries, cares, or concerns. Just music. The theme of the concert was "Jazzy Nutcracker" and they did a full rendition of Tchaikovsky's score, but jazzified. It was incredible. They ended with Bach, and I left the auditorium swooning. It is so refreshing to see musicians who are truly talented and doing what they love to do. There is no pretentiousness, no preoccupation with looks or outfits, or fancy performances. It is pure, honest, music. A lot of our current famous performers are nothing more than that. Performers. They are not musicians, in my opinion. I just thought it was wonderful to hear them play, and was so excited to hear that the majority of them were from Vancouver, which is very close to our home. I thought I would share my euphoria here tonight, and will be back tomorrow for another post. Thank you to all who posted comments and stopped by recently, I really appreciate it!



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