Thursday, December 16, 2010

On My Mind...

Joining in with Rhonda Jean again today for another On My Mind Post.

My sweet little man is spending the night at the vet clinic tonight on IV fluids due to a recent bout of vomiting and inability to keep anything down. We had a bit of a scare when his bloodwork showed he was in liver failure (he's 2 years old), but we were relieved when it turned out that the machine had just malfunctioned. A second blood sample showed he is in perfect health. We will hopefully be bringing him home tomorrow sometime. Tonight lots of snuggles with his lonely brother are in store! 

PS- a side note, we do not normally don our cats in sweaters. He had a reaction to a recent vaccine which produced a lump that he was scratching at incessantly so he had to wear the sweater for about a week until he left it alone. He will never be vaccinated again due to this reaction, so we had to take some pictures of him wearing the sweater as he (hopefully) will never have to wear it again! Just thought I would add this so you don't think I am a crazy cat lady who dresses her cat!

xo Brenna


  1. Hope your lovely cat gets better really soon.

  2. I love animals. I hope kitty is better soon. I don't vaccinate my cats either. I would only if they were in contact with feral cats or with good reason. Here in the USA we over vaccinate animals I think.

  3. LOL he looks cute. What a scare for you with the other brother cat. I'm pleased he's not sick and is probably home by now.

  4. Hi Brenna,
    Hope you don't mind me stopping by..I found you through Rhonda's down to earth blog..Your kitty looks well loved!
    Funnily enough my spotty dog had a similar reaction to an thought she had a growth until my hubby reminded her she had injected the dog in the very same spot only a week before!

  5. He is a beautiful cat I am glad he is better. The sweater looks very cute.