Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello Again!

Well hello there! Sorry for the huge gap in between posts- life has been busy and somewhat boring lately, so I was having a wee bit of writer's block. But a new little gadget that I received as a gift last night has reawakened my blogging spirit!

Here is the history of my blogging up until today:

I lost the cord to my camera quite some time ago, so in order to upload pictures onto my posts I had to go through quite the process:

1. Take photos.
2. Take memory card out of camera and place into D's laptop, which can read them, unlike mine. Place USB flash drive into his computer too (after searching for lost USB flash drive for at least 10 minutes every time).
3. Transfer pictures off of memory card and put them onto USB flash drive.
4. Put USB flash drive into my computer and then transfer them to my computer.
5. Upload pictures onto blog.
6. Scream out in frustration (not really, but you get the point)

So last week was our anniversary and we finally got around to exchanging gifts last night. This was part of my gift:

On the left is an amazing little gadget that will read my memory card and has a handy little USB on it that plugs straight into my laptop, eliminating steps 2-4! Amazing! The book is written by a fellow blogger, and I am quite excited to dig into it. 

These bowls were another part of my gift, and I am quite excited that they have BPA free lids and they are oven safe.

The gift I gave to D was one that I have been looking for for quite some time:

A cast iron waffle maker! This will be so much fun to use, and I can't wait to get it seasoned up and ready to go! It is next to impossible to find an electric waffle iron that is not coated in Teflon, so we have gone without waffles for the past few years. I am happy to say that weekend waffle breakfasts will no longer be a thing of the past thanks to this little guy!

And finally, we made it to the market for the first time on Saturday and I got some great organic produce, despite it being so early in the season.

Organic rhubarb and two bags of greens. One was baby spinach for my smoothies, and the other was a great spring mix including baby chard, arugula, and spinach. I cannot wait for the market to be in full swing so we can rely on it solely for our produce. 

Hope you are having a great start to your week,


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