Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life As I See It

Here are a few snapshots from our life these days:

This is our new kitchen! Well, actually, this is the room that will (hopefully) soon contain our kitchen! Right now all that it contains is a working fridge and stove, our dining table piled with items, and many, many boxes. We are in limbo because the cabinets have not arrived quite yet, but should hopefully be arriving by the weekend. I am trying to remain positive, and look at this room as a space full of potential, not chaos. 

This corner makes me smile, as it is organized and homey feeling, which is rare right now.

Retro fridge that has these great egg holders! No more searching high and low for the carton to count how many we have left!

A happy boy who has finally emerged from under the bed to explore the scary new world. 

And finally, my notebook and text for my course, which just began today.

A lot has changed in these past weeks, something that I have had to really adjust to. I like routine, so this has been trying, but as each little corner of our new home becomes familiar, I am looking more and more forward to this new chapter we have begun together. And as soon as that kitchen is up and running, I think I will get back into my groove, and really start making this place look (and smell!) like home.


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